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Cross-Store Sales Channel
for Brands.

Boost your online sales with a seamless dropshipping system designed for both brands and multi-brands ecommerce stores.
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Dropious is a seamless Cross-Store App specially designed for meaningful brands and multi-brand ecommerce stores.

Add a new sales channel and push your online sales by joining a curated and highly professional dropshipping system.

#1: Decide Your Role at Dropious

At Dropious, every ecommerce brand is free to decide how to connect and use the software.

Become a Supplier

Connect your store to Dropious and offer your products and inventory to online stores all around the world.

Become a Seller

Connect your store to Dropious and choose from thousands of meaningful and high-quality products to sell in your store.

Become Both (Recommended)

Unlock Dropious superpowers by letting other stores sell your products, and selling products from other brands in your store.

#2: Understand the Key Benefits

Dropious works for brands. Our goal is to help brands to improve revenue and KPIs of their online stores.

If You Want to Become a Supplier...

Sync your products, inventory level, shipping areas and shipping costs with Dropious and let similar brands sell your products.

  • Add a new sales channel to your store.
  • Reduce acquisition costs.
  • Increase your revenue with a fixed margin.

If You Want to Become a Seller...

Increase your CRO, AOV and LTV of your site by adding complementary products from other brands.

  • Add products and sync stock. No investment. No risk.
  • Send orders to suppliers for processing and shipping.
  • Try and test new products. Let your inventory grow.

#3: Discover the Features

Easy and ready-to-use: these are all the things Dropious does for you, no matter if you are a supplier, seller or both. Get powerful features to boost your ecommerce.
Search Products & Brands

Connect with thousands of valuable and meaningful products from some of the world’s top brands. Unique creators, exclusive brands, top pieces.

Add Products Easily

Sync your products for other brands, and add the products you want from your authorized brands. Add or remove at your own pace. Your catalog is always live.

No Stock. No Risk.

Suppliers have control of the inventory and products. Sellers can add products with no investment on production and no product purchases.

Control Your Sellers

Choose or accept who is going to sell your product after request. Take a look at their online store, social networks and values, and accept or refuse each request.

Easy Setup

Just install our app, enter your information, and we’ll handle the rest of the process at the back-end.

No Management Required

Everything is automated. If you make changes to an order or product, you can set it at your ecommerce back-end, and we’ll sync the changes.

Automated Sync

Everything is synced for you. Stock and orders are automatically processed by Dropious. Sell more with no extra team effort nor tech spend.

Shipping Rules

Dropious syncs suppliers’ shipping rules, countries, and costs, and they will be cloned in sellers’ ecommerce stores. Shipping cost will be added at checkout.

Set Retail Price & Stock

Suppliers can choose which products are available, stock levels, and the final retail price they offer to sellers per each product.

#4: Getting Started with Dropious

The install and setup process is simple, intuitive and easy. It takes just a few minutes.
  • 01

    Create your account, let us know a little more about you, and let our system sync your store with Dropious.

  • 02

    After syncing, suppliers will be able to select products to sell, mark inventory levels, and fix retail prices.

  • 03

    Search for products or brands, and request access to suppliers to start selling selected products.

  • 04

    Whether you’re a supplier, a seller, or both, you’re ready to start boosting the capabilities of your brand with our seamless sales channel.

5#: Ecommerce Store Integration

At the moment, Dropious is just available for Shopify. We're planning to launch for WooCommerce and other ecommerce systems in 2022. Please let us know your online platform and we'll keep you updated.

    6#: The Pricing. Free Forever. Transparent Prices.

    No Credit Card Required.
    Free Forever
    $0 $0
    For brands that want to test Dropious.
    Supplier > Upload up to 10 products to sell on Dropious.
    Seller > Add up to 10 products to your online store.
    Get Started
    $25 $250
    For brands serious about growth.
    Supplier > Upload up to 25 products to sell on Dropious.
    Seller > Add up to 25 products to your online store.
    Get Started
    $50 $500
    For brands unlocking superpowers.
    Supplier > Upload unlimited products to sell on Dropious.
    Seller > Add unlimited products to your online store.
    Get Started

    These are the monthly fees for using Dropious. We also charge 6% on the fixed retail price per each supplier for their products. This fee will be included and shown to the seller when searching products. For example, if a supplier sells a product with a retail price of $20 USD, the seller sees $21 USD as the retail price when adding the product. This fee only will be retained one a purchase take place.

    Connect with brands with your same vision
    and values. Create your sales network.

    #7: Understand What Dropshipping Really Is

    Straightforward and easy to use, dropshipping is quickly becoming one of the most popular methods for ecommerce growth. There are two entities involved in dropshipping: a supplier with an inventory of products, and a seller that publishes these products on its website.
    • Sellers add products from dropshipping suppliers.

      The seller chooses between thousands of new products using several softwares, then seamlessly adds them to the online store.

    • Sellers sell these products on their ecommerces stores.

      With absolutely no stock investment, sellers can offer these dropshipping products in their ecommerce store in order to get new purchases.

    • Dropshipping suppliers receive and process orders.

      When a purchase is made, the seller sends the order to the supplier, which controls the inventory, shipping costs and delivery companies.

    • Dropshipping suppliers ship orders to final customers.

      After processing the order, the dropshipping supplier is also in charge of sending the order to the final customer with their delivery companies.

    Still not familiar with dropshipping?

    Some of the most important ecommerce sites use this system for boosting their sales: Amazon, eBay, Zalando, Asos, Etsy… just to name a few. The list is endless!

    #8: Understand What Makes
    Dropious Different

    Wondering what sets Dropious apart from other popular dropshipping apps?

    You may know of Oberlo, Spocket, Modalyst and many other dropshipping apps. Dropious's proposal is radically different. Why?

    • Suppliers are premium brands like you. Not producers or distributors.
    • Products are extremely curated. No white-label products or generic products.
    • Dropious has been designed for brand-to-brand owners.. No amateur ecommerce dropshippers.
    • Shipping cost and delivery times are managed by suppliers’ brands. No shipping methods without tracking or one-month delivery times.

    9#: Frequently Asked Questions

    We know you may have a lot of questions. Here are answers to most of them. If you can't find your question answered below, please, send an email to info@dropious.com

    Who manages the product inventory and shipping?

    Inventory, fulfillment and delivery are directly handled and offered for the brands that have been registered as suppliers on our platform. All the process of syncing products, inventory and orders between a supplier and a seller is automated by Dropious.

    Which shipping costs are charged to the final customer?

    Shipping costs are exactly the same as those set by the supplier in its online store for the shipping area or product in question. This shipping cost will be added at the seller’s checkout, and will be paid by the customer. As a seller, you don’t need to configure anything in your online store – Dropious does it automatically. In the case of Shopify, we will create a “app location” in your online store. If the customer adds other products from your online store or from other Dropious suppliers, these extra shipping costs will be added at checkout.

    What happens when a customer places a multiple product order?

    If a customer places an order mixing your products and other suppliers products, shipping costs from each product will be added, and you and each supplier will be responsible for shipping the respective products. It is recommended that the customer knows that they will receive the products separately, not in a single package. If you want the customer to receive all the items together, Dropious gives you the option to configure that the orders from Dropious suppliers arrive at your warehouse and not at the end customer, so that you are the one to process and deliver them again.

    What about delivery time?

    Delivery times are those marked by each provider in Dropious. Normally, it is an average of 5 days of delivery.

    How can I know if a supplier sells to my shipping areas?

    In the “search” section you can choose shipping areas to filter the sellers by country. Additionally, in your Dropious profile you will be able to see your zones and shipping costs, as well as on your own website, which we will also provide you with.

    Do suppliers provide sellers with a tracking link?

    As long as the supplier incorporates the tracking of the order in its online store, it will be synchronized directly in the order of the seller, who will be able to send their order status emails and follow-up tracking as it is configured in their online store.

    How does the payment process work?

    Each time a sale happens, we will charge the cost of the retail price to the seller from the linked account or card. If this amount cannot be charged, the order will not be sent to the supplier for processing and will appear as “unfulfilled” or “canceled”.


    In the case of suppliers, within 7 days of the sale, Dropious will proceed to the automatic payment of the retail price set by the supplier for the sale products. Your payment is 100% guaranteed by Dropious: you should not worry about whether the seller pays or not, since we are the intermediaries of the payment and we guarantee that all suppliers that have sent the products will charge it. The 7-day period is only operational, and does not depend on whether the product has already been delivered or not, although it does depend on whether it has been shipped.

    What about exchanges, returns and refunds?

    Exchanges and returns will depend on the policy of each supplier, which you can see in their profile on Dropious and in their online store. In this sense, you will have to transfer it to the end customers who want to exchange or return, and execute the pertinent procedures in Dropious as well as with the supplier. In any case, we always recommend allowing only returns, since the process is simpler than exchanges.


    In the case of refunds, please write an email to the supplier or to us (info@dropious.com) to help handle the process.

    As a seller, how can I manage shipping troubles?

    Each supplier at Dropious has a specific email to bring attention to incidents related to order and delivery, to which sellers can reach out to resolve any issue. In any case, at Dropious we take great care in the quality of the brands that use us and their processes, so if a supplier repeatedly has incidents with order processing or deliveries, we will temporarily block their account.

    Can I stop selling or cancel at any time?

    Of course, you can upgrade and downgrade your plan at any time or cancel your account. In this case, all your data will be deleted from our system and servers, and you will be notified when this process is complete. But honestly, we expect you won’t want to cancel ever!

    10#: Join the (r)Evolution of e-Retail

    It's time to become a member of the Dropious community. Boost your ecommerce power with support from premium brands like yours!