Pre-launch ready

We’re happy to announce that Dropious is (almost) ready to be launched.

Dropious has been designed to help brands and multi-brand stores to boost their revenue by exploring a new sales channel for their Shopify Stores. Why? By cross-selling products among brands.

Yep. A new way for brands to partner among them, cutting acquisition costs and helping each other to grow. Meaningful, powerful, mission-oriented, customer-centric, unique products brands connecting and cross-selling their products.

Pre-launch is ready now. What does it mean? Brands can…

  • Install the App for free.
  • Set up their accounts.
  • Publish the products to be available for other brands to be sold in their own Shopify stores.

During this first stage, we’re building the very first product catalog with Early Bird brands joining our platform.

Official launch is planned to be launched in April, 2022. What does it mean?

In this stage, all the features of Dropious will be available:

  • Listing products.
  • Syncing features (orders, shipping costs, products, inventory levels).
  • Search and find new products and brands to add to your stores.
  • Import products to your Shopify stores.
  • Process orders through Dropious.

See yah!

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